Heritage Day

Saturday September 8, 2012
5th and High St., 7am-12noon

September marks the beginning of a new season. It's a beautiful time of year in Kentucky, full of light and color and remembrance. We hope you'll join us this Saturday for our Heritage Day celebration and enjoy music and craftsmanship and the company of friends.

As the days shorten and the summer season wanes, fall crops continue to grow in prominence at the market. Growers large and small are bringing out beautiful baskets of colorful winter squash to join the peppers, beans, and tomatoes on their tables.

It's also a perfect time to plant mums to enjoy a long season of colorful blooms, and pumpkins will be turning up in the next couple of weeks.

While you're at the market this week, you can meet some of our new members and welcome them to the SKY Farmers Market, and contribute to our fresh food drive for the food pantry at HOTEL INC.

Visit us this Saturday and learn what the fall season in Kentucky has to offer.

See you there!

Heritage Day at the SKY Farmers Market
This Saturday September 8th


This Saturday is Heritage Day at the SKY Farmers Market. SKY Market members will give live demonstrations of a variety of practical and traditional crafts and skills, including pottery, basket-making, spinning wool, making natural dyes, polymer clay jewelry, and milling corn.

In addition to the demonstrations, there will also be:

kids t-thirt

free t-shirts for kids

live music from the Warrior Poetes

a fresh food drive to support the food pantry at HOTEL INC

This will be a great opportunity for families to learn about our rural heritage, for farmers to share some of their practical skills, and for everyone to enjoy a fun-filled morning at the SKY Farmers Market. We hope to see you there.


8:00 Basket weaving with George Shipley

8:30 Preparing and spinning natural fibers with Alison Wiediger

9:00 Creating polymer clay jewelry with Amy Nemon

9:30 Spinning wool with Alison Wiediger

10:00 Creating pottery on a wheel with Laura Bain-Selbo

10:30 Creating pottery by hand-building with Kellie Diamond

11:00 Dyeing fibers with natural plant dyes with Alison Wiediger

All Morning: Old time milling of corn with Matt Baker


On September 8th, SKY Farmers Market will be hosting a different type of food drive, fresh fruits and vegetables. Shoppers can purchase food to donate to HOTEL INC and drop it off at their tent. You can also learn about all the great things that HOTEL INC is doing to assist the impoverished and homeless of Warren County.

A new partnership formed this spring when the SKY Farmers Market Board of Directors asked Rhondell Miller, Executive Director of HOTEL INC, how they could assist. Miller was excited about the possibility of adding fresh fruits and vegetables to Manna Mart, the food pantry at HOTEL INC.

"It is my goal that we become the healthiest pantry in Kentucky," said Miller.

With the addition of a donated freezer and refrigerator, Rhondell and her husband, Tom, began the weekly trips to the market at closing time to collect donations from vendors. Currently O’Daniel Farm, Au Naturel Farm, Plano Produce and Groce Produce are regular contributors. Since most food pantries only distribute canned products Miller knew it would be necessary to offer cooking classes to clients as well as distribute basic recipes that can be added to the current meal planning the volunteers do at Manna Mart.

The food drive on September 8th will be packaged for winter distribution by volunteers at Christ Episcopal Church. This is a great way to see how neighbors do help neighbors.

Manna Mart Food Pantry

HOTEL INC is a 501(c) 3 non-profit that has been serving the citizens of Warren County since 1981. Their name is an acronym that stands for Helping Others Through Extending Love In the Name of Christ. It is operated by 2 paid staff and over 35 volunteers per week. Services available to clients currently are; Manna Mart food pantry, Life & Bible classes, Financial Assistance for rent/utilities that is reciprocal through volunteer hours, Community Garden, Homeless Outreach and soon will offer Transitional Housing.

There are also numerous areas that people can volunteer with HOTEL INC. For more information please visit their website at www.hotelincbg.com, link with them on Facebook or call the office at 270-782-1263. HOTEL INC is supported through donations from individuals, churches, businesses and grants. HOTEL INC provided 4,854 services in 2011.

Artist Profile: Austin Maxwell


I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. My mom grew up near Bowling Green, and I have always spent some time in the summers roaming around my Grandparents farm here. I have fond memories of jumping around on hay bales and making mischief in the woods here in Kentucky. The more time I have spent in cities over the years, the more I have felt the need for the open space and natural diversity only a farm can offer.

At some point over the past few years I became deeply involved in researching food production and various methods of farming. I truly believe  that we should be not just food producers, but good stewards of the land that supports us. So after graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in sculpture, I packed up and moved the 1800 miles to Woodburn Kentucky. Some extremely generous friends here offered to let me use a portion of their farm for gardens and raising small livestock, for which I am extremely grateful. They have put up with a lot from me this summer with some interesting experiments, and a wild gardening style. Thanks Karen and Bill! It's been an interesting season, but I learn something new every day.


With my artwork I try to combine beauty and function in everything I create. After engulfing myself in research about gardening and farming for the last few years, it was a natural for my artwork to gravitate towards the same subject. One result has been a series of copper gardening tools. Each tool is unique, and my hope is that they are just as beautiful to look at as they are to use. There is something about putting a piece of art to good use that I feel creates a much more intimate connection than simply hanging it on the wall. My hope is that anyone who ends up with one of these tools is inspired to put them to work and start a garden, or just plant something!

trowel with medallion

I currently have a selection of small and large trowels, potting scoops, feed scoops, and grub hoes. They are all hand cut and shaped out of 32 oz. copper, and some include a cast bronze emblem. Wooden handles all come from the farm, and use a variety of woods including cherry, apple, redbud, maple and walnut.

Custom work is available as well, come on out and talk to me about your ideas. You can check out these tools and other artwork at the SKY Market on Saturdays until the end of the season. Happy gardening... and eating!

The Warrior Poetes

The Warrior Poetes

Three Sisters. Strong Music. More than a band.

Three part harmonies and live musicianship combining rock, soul, & dance.

Marissa. Allicia. Ariana.

Come see them this Saturday morning, 8:00-9:30, at the SKY Farmers Market.